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The Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering, Nagpur is run by Shri Arvind Singh Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha, Nagpur. IFSE has been functioning in the field of education, emergency aid and training since year 2006. IFSE conducts only government recognized courses. A body of renowned fire and safety experts has been taking care of the ifse. It is situated about 18 Km. away from the Nagpur Railway Station. The atmosphere of this institute is eco friendly with ultra modern facilities and modern fire fighting equipment and training.
This is the only institute in India which is running those kinds of course which can cater to the needs of the modern industry and fire department to produce right kind of trained fire and safety personnel.


Fire and Safety services in India at present are backward to a considerable extent. While few metropolitan cities are equipped with modern fire fighting machines and well trained personnel, in the innumerable other cities and towns, inefficient fire and safety personnel have been assigned with the responsibility of maintaining fire protection arrangements and fighting any possible outbreak of fire.
India is still in dearth of trained fire personnel. In this regard, IFSE Nagpur has taken bold step to train the people and make them aware of fire and safety with modern fire fighting equipments so that they can cope up with the contemporary requirement of the industry and fire department.
In case of fire and other disasters, trained personnel will be in a position to detect fire risks in the cities and at various industries and handle the emergency situations efficiently and smoothly.

Present Scenario

In western countries, well trained Fire -Safety personnel are available, although, they are very few in number. India has large manpower resources; it can be better exploited and utilized. In India, there is only one Government Fire Engineering College, which caters to already serving Government employees and the yearly pass out number is less than the requirement for fire personnel. There is dearth of fire engineering college for undergraduates and fresher candidates. It is estimated that India will need 5 lac well trained fire and safety personnel every year. To cater to the demand of trained fire safety personnel, a good institution is required which can supply the personnel in fire as well as in safety field; we work in this direction.
IFSE has initiated the challenge by setting up training institution for fire and safety to cope with the need of emergencies in India and abroad. It is estimated that only 0.2% of fire / safety trained personnel are available of the total demand in India.
Knowledge of Fire, Safety, Prevention, Protection, Fire Fighting Process, Environment and Disaster preparedness are very important to prevent loss of life and property. Thus specialized training and role of the fire fighting agencies / departments are very important. Well trained manpower in this area is the need of the hour.

Disaster Awareness

At the time of Vulnerability or Disaster like Flood, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Land Slides and Technological Disaster a Student will be able to organize and facilitate timely and effective Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation operations, setting up disaster relief machinery, formulation of emergency relief plans, training of specific groups to undertake rescue and relief. It is becoming increasingly evident now that relatively smaller disaster preparedness can save thousands of lives and vital economic assets as well as reduce the cost of overall relief assistance. We have disaster management plan some of which have been carried out by govt., some by community based organization and some by institutions like us.
IFSE has initiated the challenge by setting up training institution for fire and safety to cope with the need of emergencies in India and abroad.